Why should you work for yourself?

1. You get paid for the work and effort you put in

When you work for someone else, you have a set number of hours a week that you are contracted to work and your wage is set, based on the contract you signed but in most jobs you work far more than you have to, if you work for yourself every minute you work will be for your own benefit.

2. There has never been a better time.

There has never been a better time to start a business; in the current economic climate most people are scared and holding onto their jobs tighter than ever. The rewards are out there for the people who have faith in themselves.

3. Don’t just wish it.

Do what you love whether it is money, people or a hobby do what you are passionate about this will give you the energy to succeed where others are failing.

4. A more flexible approach

Your work schedule should work for you, not the other way around. Some people are ridiculously productive working a few hours a day, others need to put in 40 hours a week, but few people work at their full potential if they are working 40+ hours a week with no breaks. Don’t get me wrong the work will be hard and the hours will be long until you are established but all the time you will be working for you.

5. A challenge

You will have no choice but to be creative. When you work for yourself you won’t be able to ‘coast’ along, instead you have to constantly stay on top of things, making sure your business and more importantly your life don’t go off the rails. This adds to pleasure and excitement of working for yourself as you have a solid purpose and often get great satisfaction from the work you do. Don’t allow yourself to be part of the mainstream anymore, instead start working for yourself, get creative and build something you’ll be proud of in years to come.

6. Set Goals

You cannot build a successful business if you don’t have your priorities straight and ego in check,”

While entrepreneurs should be confident don’t let it run away with you

7. Set Goals

Too many people think they need to reinvent the wheel, why not make an existing idea better.

8. If funds are limited

If you have limited resources your business need to be focused on making money. Determine whether an expense is a necessity.

9. Clients don’t normally seek you out

Put yourself out into the world. Always look to sell yourself without being over the top and annoying, try Joining groups, network (4N, BNI etc) regularly, and find different ways to get your business in front of people who matter.

10. Be afraid, be very afraid

Do you want to wake up 30 years from now doing the same job you are doing now?, how much more scary can it get.

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